Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Believe - Poem

 I Believe that sun shin after the rain
I Believe if you never get hurt you' ll never gain.
I Believe in not doing things the easy way
I believe that being selfish doesn't pay.

I Believe that something good comes from something bad
I Believe that for tears of happiness there are tears of sad
I Believe everyone has a guardian angel
and good you do will be rewarded well.

I Believe that what come first is family
I Believe we should all live in harmony
i Believe is making the most of a beautiful day
and it's not the end until everything is Okay.

I Believe that to learn you have to live
I Believe that to love someone you have to give
I Believe that one moment can change your life
and there' s still help when you are in strife,

I Believe to always look on the bright side
I Believe that life is just one big ride.
But its of because i BELIEVE............!


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