Friday, November 11, 2011

Please Dont Leave

Please don't go
Please don't leave
please don't let
these scars bleed

stay with me
dry my tears
we will be ok
throughout the years

I wont cope
if you move
the greatest friend
I just can't lose

we've made it through
the good and bad
we've shared the laughs
you've made me mad
I couldn't love
without you there
without your touch
without your care

your soothing words
your healing smile
can mae me whole
for just a while

please don't leave
this gaping whole
inside of me
inside my soul
please don't tear
and break my spirit
life wont be the same
if you are not in it

we will fight it all
we'll get through
I know we can
if you want so
if you don't leave
if you don't go

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